What’s so Special About Kansas City-Style BBQ?

Hungry for a little BBQ? We don’t blame you. There is nothing as enjoyable as sitting around with family and friends and a delicious plate of BBQ food. One of the best types of BBQ you will ever taste is that from Kansas City. There is nothing like sitting at a table with a plate of pulled pork and barbecue sides especially if it’s Kansas City BBQ.

What Makes Kansas City Style BBQ Unique?

Kansas City style BBQ is unique because it is bold, tasty, and dominant. It is one of the most recognizable styles of BBQ in the states. Many people eat this style or Memphis style BBQ and deem them both the best of the best. It is so popular that there is a Kansas City Barbecue Society to keep track of things.

How Does it Taste?

Kansas City BBQ

It tastes like nothing else in this world, leaving you yearning for more and more. You will be back again after getting one taste of BBQ sauce from Kansas! BBQ sauce from Kansas City is known for its sweet and bold flavor. It tastes great on top of most anything, thanks to the inclusion of brown sugar in the recipe. Burnt ends are also synonymous with Kansa City style BBQ. If it’s not a little crispy around the edges, it’s not done yet! The crisp edges have become a staple of BBQ in KC!

Types of BBQ

When you visit a BBQ restaurant in Kansas City, the menu may surprise you. The food options are great, with meat choices ranging from ribs to burgers to chicken to pork chips. Sides are versatile and vary from restaurant but you will find macaroni and cheese on almost every menu. Baked beans are also commonly served.